Solano County Museums

Solano County Museums

The history of Solano County dates back thousands of years.  Artifacts of stone-age people have been found in Green Valley that date back to 2000 B.C.E.

At the time of the Spanish arrival, Solano County was home to the Patwin Indians.  Some of their village places have survived phonetically in such modern places as Suisun, Soscol, Ulatis and Putah.  In 1835, the Mexican government commissioned Commandante General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo to colonize the lands north of San Francisco Bay as a buffer against the Russians at Fort Ross and to protect settlers from hostile Indian attacks. 

The Mexican regime lasted until June 14, 1846 when the California Republic was established.  The California Republic and its Bear Flag were short lived.  The American flag was raised on July 7, 1846. The area that became Solano County continued as part of the Sonoma territory for three years under the American government. The boundaries of Solano County were set on February 18, 1850 by the first elected legislature of the territory of California, making Solano County one of the original 27 counties.

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