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We understand how it can be difficult in your busy day to find enough time to completely identify behavior, development or learning issues in the children you see. Families often expect you to have the answers at your fingertips. Additionally, helping families find the most appropriate resource may be further complicated by individual agency and program criteria regarding city of residence, income level, or language among other factors.

Help Me Grow is a free service for you and your families and can assist you by locating the appropriate services that meet the individualized needs of your patients from Birth through age 5 and their families. When a family is referred to Help Me Grow, they speak directly with a Family Navigator who has access to the most current resources in Solano County.

Have you identified a child with developmental delays and need appropriate resources for the family?

You can call Help Me Grow Solano or send us your screening. We will help the family get connected to the appropriate resources.


Do you have a family who needs assistance with housing, food or child care? Or a parent that wants to take a parenting class?

Refer the family to Help Me Grow Solano to be connected to no-cost resources and services.

Help Me Grow Solano is a trusted resource providing streamlined access to services for children and families in Solano County.

Our team is eager to visit your office or organization and present information about Help Me Grow and the referral process to you and your staff. We will customize our presentation depending on your audience, location, time of day, and length of time requested. ALL AT NO COST TO YOU!

Check out the Healthcare Provider Info and Training page to learn more or call us at 844-501-5437 to schedule a presentation.