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About Us

Help Me Grow Solano can provide connections to resources you and your family need.
A Family Navigator is just a phone call or click away.

Our Vision

The Vision of Help Me Grow Solano is to ensure that all children ages 0 – 5 in Solano County reach their full potential through promotion, prevention and early intervention efforts. We know that the first five years of life are an important time to nurture children’s development and to act early if a child has a developmental or behavioral concern. When children receive early, timely and effective help, they are more likely to succeed in school and life.

Components of Help Me Grow

Making the Connection: Help Me Grow Solano Family Navigators work with families with young children by providing intake, triage, and referrals to community resource and services.

Building the Network: Develop relationships within the community and maintain a list of local resources. If you are interested in being listed as a resource, contact us at

Outreach and Training: Help Me Grow staff conduct outreach to child health care providers, child care providers, teachers, and other community services providing education and training on the importance of early detection, intervention, and the referral process.

Identifying Gaps and Barriers: Data is collected and analyzed to identify gaps and barriers to services in Solano County. This information is also used to assess how well the Help Me Grow System is working, and what changes are needed to more effectively connect families to community resources.

Who can make a referral to Help Me Grow? Parents/caregivers, teachers, and medical staff can request a screening for children birth through five years by calling the toll-free number 844-501-5437, or by clicking here.

What is a Developmental Screening? A developmental screening is a short assessment that measures specifically how your child speaks, moves, behaves and relates according to the developmental milestones. The screening will help identify your child’s strengths and uncover any areas of concerns regarding physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. Doing a screening is as simple as playing with your child!

The screening tool that Help Me Grow Solano uses is the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ), and Ages and Stages Questionnaire – Social Emotional (ASQ-SE).

How can I get a screening for my child?

You can request a screening by completing the Connection Form – Click here for Connection Form – OR by calling our toll-free number 844-501-5437. A Family Navigator will ask you a few questions and send you the screening tool specifically for your child’s age.
Complete the ASQ by answering the questions on how your child plays, learns, speaks, moves, behaves and relates to others. You may need to do a few activities with your child in order to answer all of the questions.
Send the completed ASQ to Help Me Grow in the prepaid envelope.
A Family Navigator will review your child’s ASQ and contact you with your child’s results. The Navigator will answer any questions you have or suggest referrals to community services if your child needs extra support.