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Help Me Grow FAQ's for Providers

The Help Me Grow Solano administrative office is located at 2195 Union Avenue, Fairfield CA 94533.
Care Coordinators are available to answer the phone Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm. Messages can be left 24 hours a day seven days a week.
Help Me Grow Solano is currently funded by First 5 Solano.
Yes. Help Me Grow Solano can provide information on resources that help families get connected to health insurance.
PEAK provides direct services including developmental and mental health screenings, assessments, and treatment. Callers may be referred to PEAK after calling HMG.
PEAK (Partnership for Early Access for Kids) services are also available through Help Me Grow Solano. Please call or use the online connection link to request a developmental and social emotional screening for your child or other PEAK services.
HMG is a system that helps families access and connect with services and resources that support their child’s development, behavior and/or learning by assisting families in seeking information about services. Resources may include parenting and family support, child care, basic needs, health, developmental, and mental health, and other programs throughout Solano County to support families with young children. HMG Solano is a single portal of access to a broad range of services through one central phone call, fax, or electronic request. The HMG Solano call center is staffed Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM with a support specialist/family navigator to assist both families and providers needing resources. HMG can be accessed by the toll free phone number 1-844-501-KIDS (5437) Or web portal connection at

Our Care Coordinators will follow up with you within 48 hours, Monday through Friday.
There is no limit on the number of times you can call for the same child or other children of the same family.
HMG does not provide direct services. HMG helps families connect to existing programs and services in the community.
Help Me Grow Solano links families to appropriate services, We can assist in making appointments whenever possible.
Yes. Families and providers can call the Help Me Grow Solano number, 844-501-KIDS to be connected to resources in Solano County. The service of connecting your to developmental services and follow up is free. We provide the caller with information and referrals on resources that are available at low or no cost as well as information and referrals on resources that are fee based.
Yes. Help Me Grow Solano staff are available to offer training and support to primary health care providers wanting to implement routine developmental screening. We support the use of screening tools at well child visits. Help Me Grow Solano also offers training open to the public on the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) and ASQ Social Emotional, screening tools for children birth through five years.

Please Call HMG Solano @ 844-501-KIDS for more information.
Please Call HMG Solano @ 844-501-KIDS for more information.
Please call the number, 844-501-KIDS to request materials such as flyers and brochures
Please call the number, 844-501-KIDS to request materials such as flyers and brochures
HMG Solano is a system that collaborates with agencies, families, and providers across the county to help ensure children ages birth to 5 reach their full potential. Current partner agencies include: • Aldea, Inc. • BabyFirst Solano • Benicia Family Resource Center • California Hispanic Commission • Child Haven, Inc. • Child Start, Inc. • Children’s Network of Solano County • Children’s Nurturing Project • Dixon Family Services • EMQ-Families First • Fairfield Suisun Healthy Start Family Resource Centers (FSUSD) • Fairfield/Suisun Adult School (Parent Education/SPACE) • Fighting Back Partnership (Vallejo Family Resource Centers) • Interfaith Council of Solano County (Heather House Homeless Shelter) • La Clinica Vallejo • North Bay Regional Center • NorthBay Healthcare ABC Prenatal Program • Partnership for Early Access for Kids • Partnership Health Plan of California (Solano County Perinatal Case Management) • Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific • Rio Vista Family Resource Center (Rio Vista CARE) • Solano Coalition for Better Health (SCBH) • Solano County Black Infant Health Program (BIH) • Solano County Child Welfare Services (CWS) • Solano County Children’s Mental Health • Solano County Maternal Child & Adolescent Health (MCAH) • Solano County Office of Education • Solano County Public Health Nurses (PHN) • Solano Family and Children’s Services • Solano Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA) • Vacaville Family Resource Center (VV FIRST) • Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
Many times you will get referrals at the time of the initial phone call. If further research is needed to ensure the resource is a fit for your family, a Care Coordinator will follow up with you within 48 hours, Monday through Friday, of your initial call.
To receive information, referrals and follow up, please call the number 844-501-KIDS .
HMG does provide resources and referrals and much more. The call center staff has expertise in early childhood development, parenting, and family support, and can help assess the needs of the child and family, inquire about other needs and determine the best possible resources available.
No. Help Me Grow Solano is for all children and families wanting developmental and behavioral resources in Solano
Yes. The eligibility criteria for inclusion in the resource database is that the program provides a service for families and children in Solano County.
Help Me Grow Solano is available to anyone who is looking for developmental, learning or behavior resources for children in Solano County.
At this time, HMG serves families with children birth to five years. However, if the family has a child older than 5 yrs., HMG will not turn them away and will assist with resources. The long term goal is to expand HMG Solano to serve families with children of all ages.
No. We will answer questions to all who call our toll free number looking for resources in Solano County.
Help Me Grow Solano is available to anyone in Solano County looking for developmental, behavioral or learning resources for their children ages birth through 5 years old.
Yes. We encourage you to share information about Help Me Grow Solano throughout the community. In fact, if you need extra materials or assistance in doing so, please call the toll free number and we provide you with flyers, brochures, etc.
Help Me Grow Solano has team members that speak English and Spanish fluently. For all other languages, a language line is used to communicate with all other callers.
HMG provides referrals and linkage to community resources by assessing a child and family’s needs and helping connect the family to existing programs and services. HMG provides intake, triage and connection to any services and resources that help support the child and family. HMG staff also provides follow-up calls to determine if a family has been successfully linked to services and if further assistance is needed.