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Looking for information or resources on parenting, health or dental, preschool or child care, basic needs?

Help ME Grow Solano helps parents and caregivers find the supports and services they need so they can raise strong, healthy, and happy children.

Call Help Me Grow Solano or click on any (<click now) button and speak to a Family Navigator who will listen to your concerns, assess your child’s and family’s needs, and provide you with information and referrals to appropriate resources in a non-judgmental compassionate approach.

Ask about the FREE Developmental and Social Emotional Screenings for your child. 

Just like hearing and vision screenings assure that children can hear and see clearly, developmental and behavioral screenings assure that children are making developmental progress in areas such as language, social, or motor development.

If you and the Help Me Grow Family Navigator decide you will do your child’s screening, you can click the link below and follow the steps for the screening that is appropriate for your child.

»ASQ-3 in English
»ASQ-3 in Spanish

By calling the Help Me Grow Solano toll free number 844-501-KIDS (5437) or using the online connection link <click>, parents, child care providers, early educators and health care providers have a point of access to services for all young children who live in Solano County.