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What is Help Me Grow?

Help Me Grow Solano connects families to community resources and to health and development services, so children can start school healthy and ready to succeed.

Resources may include parenting and family support, child care, basic needs, health, developmental, and mental health, and other programs throughout Solano County that support families with young children. Help Me Grow Solano is a single portal of access to a broad range of services through one central phone call, fax, or electronic request.

Help Me Grow Solano works with child care providers, pediatricians, and other medical and social service agencies by providing updated information, training on developmental screening, and direct connection to services through the HMG referral system.

Help Me Grow Solano Family Navigators are available Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5 PM (except for Tuesdays 8:30 AM to 12 PM, and the first Friday of every month).

Help Me Grow can be accessed by the toll-free phone number 1-844-501-KIDS (5437) - Or web portal connection.

The Help Me Grow System Model

Help Me Grow Solano is a member of the Help Me Grow California system which is an affiliate of the Help Me Grow National model.

The Help Me Grow system is designed to help leverage existing resources to ensure communities identify vulnerable children, establish links to community-based services, and empower families to support their child’s healthy development through the implementation of four interconnected Core Components:

Centralized Point of Access: Streamlining access to child development information, support and referrals to help families navigate California’s complex intervention system
Family and Community Outreach: Building awareness and linkage across support systems
Healthcare Provider Outreach: Collaborating with healthcare professionals to ensure children receive developmental screenings
Data Collection and Analysis: Identifying gaps in service and opportunities for greater collaboration and systems improvement

California and Solano County

As the primary funding source, First 5 leads statewide efforts to champion the complex needs of young children and their families through strong, effective and proven systems of care.  The Help Me Grow system has been identified by First 5 Commissions to be the perfect framework for advancing local Early Identification and Intervention efforts and unifying our collective message that California must do better to ensure children are linked to the support they are entitled to receive.

Help Me Grow Solano supports parents and caregivers to better understand and promote their child’s developmental milestones and encourages their readiness to learn and succeed in school. We provide Family Navigation to help families with complex issues connect to the appropriate community resources and services for their family. 

One Call. That's All.

Call the Help Me Grow Solano toll free number 844-501-KIDS (5437) or use the online connection link, to connect to a Family Navigator.  You are one call away from having access to services for young children who live in Solano County.